Semi Automatic Dry Mortar Line

Introduction of semi automatic dry mix mortar line 

The modern building adopts bonding mortar ,decorative mortar,plastering mortar ,masonry mortar etc. And this plant is just to produce the different kinds of mortar as you need. The plant was comprised of raw material storing system ,conveying system, weighing and batching system,premix part, mixing system ,packing system,dedust system and PLC control cabinet system.For this semi automatic dry mix mortar line, it can satisfy 10-20TPH capacity condition. And some part design could be changed as you required. 


Application of the semi automatic dry mix mortar production line 

Dry mortar is also called pre-mixed mortar, which mixed in advance by precise batching and uniform mixing. It can be used directly just by adding water in construction site. The final mortar has different properties through adding different additives. 

1. Bonding Mortar 

Masonry mortar, wall(ceramic) and floor tile adhesive mortar etc 

2. Decoration Mortar 

Decorative plaster, inner and outer wall putty, colorful decoration mortar etc 

3. Protection Mortar 

Water-proof mortar, anti-corrosion mortar, self-leveling mortar, wear resistance mortar, thermal insulation mortar, sound insulation mortar, repair mortar, mildew-proof mortar etc. 


Features of Semi Automatic Dry Mix Mortar Line 

1. The design height is reasonable, easy to install and maintain;

2. Investment little, easy to get profits;

3. Main systems, such as Drying System, Vibrating Screen System, Mixing System can work separately, convenient to operation;

4. Key parts of the machinery adopt international and domestic famous brand, extending the duration significantly;

5. Mixing system: with 60~180s blending, materials are mixed evenly;

6. Drying system: equipped with Triple-cylinder dryer to reduce the sand water content to ≤0.5%;

7. Depending on different raw materials and formulas, weighing devices adopt independent system to improve the weighing accuracy greatly;

8. Equipped with dust collection system to collect dust from drying system, weighing system, mixing system and bag packing system, it is efficiently protects the working and living environment;

9. Full automatic control system, convenient for operation and management. 



10-15T/H Dry Mix Mortar Plant 

Product Category : Semi Automatic Dry Mix Mortar Line 

Capacity: 10-15T/H 

Workshop Area: 80-120m² 

After-sales Service: Engineer Install 

Worker Required: 2-3 Person 

Environmentally Friendly: Adopt Pulse Dedust Filter 

Measurement: Accurately Batching 

During warranty period, you can get free maintenance, replace the defective parts or components,but except the normal wearing 

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