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Brief Introduction of colored decorative mortar

Color decorative mortar is a new kind of inorganic powdery decorative material, which has been widely used in the developed countries instead of paints and tiles for interior and exterior decoration of buildings. Colored decorative mortar is polymer material as the main additive, together with high-quality mineral aggregates, fillers and natural mineral pigments. The thickness of the coating is generally between 1.5 and 2.5 mm, while the thickness of the ordinary latex paint surface is only 0.1 mm, so that an excellent texture and three-dimensional decorative effect can be obtained.


First, color decorative mortar Features:

1, light material to solve the problem of building weight increase;

2, good flexibility Suitable for round, cylindrical and curved shape;

3, shape, size, color can be customized according to user requirements;

4, the color is ancient and decorative;

5, the construction is simple and durable and the substrate has a strong bond;

6, waterproof, impermeability, breathable, anti-shrinkage;

7, non-toxic, tasteless, green building materials

 During construction, various patterns, such as drag, roll, scraping, twisting, and kneading, are used to select various patterns of templates and tools, so that the wall surface can be embossed, corrugated, wood grain, and other patterns. The artistic expression is strong. It perfectly blends with the natural environment, architectural style and history.


Second, Advantages of Colored Decorative Mortar for Exterior Insulation System:

The color decorative mortar has the characteristics of rich organic materials, light colors, and the durability of inorganic materials. The main features of the color facing mortar are as follows:

1) Breathable, hydrophobic effect is good

The decorative mortar has good air permeability and hydrophobicity, and can form a colorful exterior wall decoration system with respiratory function. Because the product has good water-repellent function, it has the function of moisture-proof and anti-seepage, and is especially suitable for the ventilation of the water. More demanding buildings.

2) Good durability

This product is based on inorganic materials as the main raw material, the coating also has excellent alkali resistance, pollution resistance and impact resistance. Due to the high air permeability, the moisture in the room can be avoided and the moldy phenomena caused by it can be avoided. The service life of the external wall mortar made with this product is more than 20 years.

3) Green and pollution-free

This product's raw materials are natural mineral materials, free of free formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic compounds, non-toxic, odorless, green products. The pigments used in the products are natural iron oxide mineral pigments, so they are excellent in weather resistance and color retention, and can fully protect buildings from the erosion and destruction of the natural environment, industrial waste gases and microorganisms, thereby prolonging the service life of buildings and can be effective. Reduce the waste of resources caused by secondary decoration.

4) Elastic structure can effectively prevent wall cracking

The product has good elasticity and low shrinkage, equivalent to forming an elastic waterproof and heat-insulating layer on the exterior of the building. After the coating, it will not be cracked due to alternating cold and hot weather, and can withstand the fine cracks of the wall. Because it has a coating thickness of 1.5 to 2.5 mm or more, the waterproof and anti-seepage effect is particularly good, and it is resistant to pressure, impact, and does not fall off. It has special toughness.

5) Improve the service life of buildings and have significant social benefits

Take the ceramic tile decoration effect as an example: This method is fast in construction, and the construction efficiency is 100% higher than the practice of tile-laying, and the price is 50% lower than that of the traditional tile method, which is equivalent to the construction of high-quality paint. In addition, due to the light weight of the decorative mortar, the weight of the building structure can be reduced, and no fall-off can occur at the same time, so as to avoid the accidental fall of the tile. The decorative mortar has integrity, no gaps, water penetration into the wall structure can be avoided, and the life of the building structure can be improved. The performance of colored veneering mortars and other facing materials is compared in the following table:

Comparation between Colored decorative mortar and other decorative materials


If you need 1-6TPH capacity of colored decorative mortar ,then the normal LD series dry mix mortar line ,could be used to produce it.    

QQ截图20180111120727.png here is specific introduction of LD series dry mortar line for your reference.

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