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Ⅱ. Application of Different Series Dry Mortar

Sixth. Sealant: It is used to fill the joint material between tiles or natural stone on the wall or floor.

6) sealant mortar advantages:

aGood adhesion to tile edges

b, low shrinkage, reduce crack formation

c. High quality flexible formulations with sufficient resistance to denaturation, high toughness and flexibility

d. High wear resistance for the ground

e, low water absorption, good impermeability

f. Excellent construction


Seventh.Interface mortar: Bonding agent for firmly bonding base layer and surface material

7) bonding mortar, interface mortar product advantages:

a. Close the gap of the substrate, reduce the absorption of the substrate, and ensure the gelation of the mortar on the surface

b, improve the surface strength of the substrate to ensure the adhesion of mortar

c. Adhesion bridging between the substrate and the surface layer to ensure that the substrate and the surface layer are combined into a solid overall

d, with long-term bond strength, no aging, no water

eExempt the secondary watering process before plastering to avoid wall shrinkage


Eighth, decorative mortar and powder coating: can replace the paint and tile for the decoration of the building, do not need smooth base layer, can be used for final decoration, without any other decoration treatment

8) decorative mortar advantange : 

a, natural color texture, visual soft

b. Low cost and high cost performance

c. Easy construction, good spreadability, quick and convenient construction, and various methods

d. Safety and environmental protection

e, good adhesion to the substrate

f. Good anti-permeability, low water absorption, high hydrophobicity and ability to resist dirt

g, good air permeability

h, color diversity, interior and exterior wall decoration more interesting and perfect

i, water resistant, weather resistant, breathable

j, with a certain degree of flexibility to prevent coating cracking

k, rich performance, strong three-dimensional


Ninth, self-leveling: leveling for a variety of flooring materials

9) Leveling flooring mortar advantages:

a, does not segregate, has good fluidity, can automatically level in a certain thickness

b. Reasonable construction and self-leveling time

c, there is fast drying properties

d, by adjusting the formula, meet the different design requirements of the carrying capacity

e, excellent adhesion, no delamination

f, have the appropriate flexibility (anti-bending)

g, good cohesion and wear resistance

h, low shrinkage, environmental protection


Tenth. Floor mortar: Floor mortar is also called self-leveling floor, which is ground mortar directly bonded to the ground structure.

10) Floor mortar advantages:

a, add water to stir the pump, easy to use

b, high pressure and pressure resistance

c, low shrinkage

d, excellent adhesion (with interface agent)

e, dry companion products, stable quality

f. Large-area construction, rapid construction, labor saving

g, Automatic leveling the ground, smooth surface, reduce the load on the building

h, rapid solidification (fast condensing system)


Eleventh .Wall leveling putty: used for leveling the base layer of architectural coatings

11) Wall leveling mortar  advantages:

a, provide a good base, so that the amount of paint to reduce, reduce the project cost

b, there is a strong adhesion, can be well attached to the base surface

c, with a certain degree of flexibility, good buffering substrate elastic stress

d, good aging resistance and impermeability, moisture resistance

e, environmental protection, non-toxic, safe

f, good crack resistance

g, with air permeability

h, good weather resistance, anti-aging, long-lasting time, add more functional additives to add functional

  DJY series dry mix mortar production line could produce the above different series of dry mortar for your building.

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