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Impeller Type Packing Machine

Application of packing machine:
DJY-F-01 Automatic valve port packaging machinery is a kind of high utility of dry mortar packaging machinery, can be used for packaging dry mortar and other powder or particle materials, just as cement, dry mortar, fly ash, lime, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, gypsum, bentonite, kaolin, carbon black, alumina, fire materials powder, granule materials and so on.  


Introduction of packing machine :
Impeller type automatic metering valve packing machine, is one of the industry the most widely used and most mature products in this industry. Our automatic weighing packing machine, the improved model of the latest development, different from other factory production. We improve its most precise measurement sensing system, changed the way of lifting force sensor, the industry generally used, to the pressure sensing mode, making the packing machine life and accuracy greatly improved, Bag weight error from the original error of ±0.5-1kg reach ±0.25kg.Filling mouth also made design changes, adding a "gas returning nozzle" design, in the filling process the bag excess gas can be discharged, so that the filling process more smoothly.

Characters of automatic valve port packaging machine:
1. This machinery adopts the computerized metering device, thus it can weight accurately, perform stably and be operated easily.
2. The body of this machinery is completely sealed and also it is furnished with de-dusting opening. Its structure is reasonable and durable and may realize environmental production in the true sense
3. This machinery is small in volume, low in weight and convenient for adjusting and maintaining; besides, thanks to its mechatronics, it can save electrical energy.
4. DH series packaging machinery can be classified into impeller type and screw type according to their material discharging mode;

Parameter of packing machine
Technical parameters: 
Weighing Scope: 10-50kg, Adjustable on panel.
Weighing Form: Single nozzle
Motor Power: 3kw
Weighing Device: Automatically
Measuring Accuracy: ±0.2-0.4%
Overall Dimension(mm): 1070x670x1030(mm)
Working Temperature: -20℃- 60℃

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