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Mortar Dispension Machine

Brief Introduction of Dispersion Machine
The high speed dispersion machine ,it is mainly applicable for cut ,shear,crush and mix material with quick and efficient reaction .The highly rotating rotor&stator generates a strong shear and impact force to quickly cut material for thousands of times to finally reach the required size. It is widely used in food ,pharmaceuticals,cosmetics,chemical,paper-making, water treatment and other fine chemicals industry.

The raw material will occur strong vortex by the high speed running of dispersing plate,then the material will subsidence into the bottom of the vortex in spiral status. In the same time there has a strong shear and impact force action between the particles,to achieve the dispersion,dissolving and well-mixing of the material quickly.


Application of Dispersion Machine
It is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemical, paper-making, water treatment and other fine chemicals industry. 


Specification of Dispersion Machine



Motor Power

30 kw

Lifting Motor Power

1.1 kw


Stainless steel (dispersing shaft and head)

Carbon steel (machine body besides dispersing shaft and head)


2 t/batch

Dispersing Head Diameter

400 mm


0-1400 rmp (variable adjustable speed)

Turning Angle


Lifting Type

Hydraulic Lifting


2.6*2.0*1.0 (m)

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