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Open Mouth Bag Filling Machine

Application of open port packing machine :

Open mouth bag filling machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, non-metallic, coatings, ceramics and other industries quantitative packaging. Such as: ceramic powder, calcium carbonate, wet powder, carbon black, rubber powder, food additives, pigments, dyes, zinc oxide, pharmaceutical powder.


Introduction of open port packing machine:

Open mouth packaging machine is a non-bucket packing machine, which is made of closing valve, two lead screw, pneumatic jacket, weighing instrument, belt conveyor, baler and other components, the material contact surface made of stainless steel. Open-type packaging machine features: adopt artificial bagging, pneumatic folder bags, weighing process completed by the instrument control. Weighing after the seam, the use of skateboard to send bag and sewing machine with the synchronization effect is good, suture trajectory neat, to achieve the effect of the belt to send bag.


Characters of automatic open port bag filling machine:

1. With high environmental performance and a perfect exhaust system, thereby reducing the dust generated during the packaging process.

2. With high packaging precision, two kinds of feeding speed through the import of Mitsubishi frequency control, the whole electronic control using PLC control, the use of high-precision weighing sensor and the configuration of imported quantitative control instruments imported from Japan, the instrument can be equipped with standard interface, Communicate with the central system, the implementation of the overall control system for packaging monitoring.

3. The silo is equipped with broken arch device, in order to loose the material and avoid arch bridge.

4. Adopt bagging environment-friendly rubber-bag folder bag device, can seal the bag seal, so there will be no dust when packaging.


Technical parameters: 

Weighing scope: 20-50kg/bag

Precision level: ±0.5%

Packing speed: 60-180bag/hour

Working temperature: -20°C~+45°C

Dimension(lengthxwidthxweight): 1150x680x1600mm

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