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Air Blowing Packing Machine

  • Application of air blowing packing machine :

Applicable to the packaging powder and particles, fiber mixture, especially glass beads and other small proportion material which is easy to break. 

Adopt pneumatic conveying, the material in the flow process in a suspended state, the friction is small, the material without damage. Automatic 

micro computer control, simple operation, 0.4Mpa-0.8Mpa stable gas source, clean and dry, no additional power requirements. Such as: cement, 

dry mix mortar, gypsum powder, titanium dioxide, glass beads insulation mortar, chemical, refractory materials.


  • Introduciton of air blowing packing machine:

Dry mix mortar materials are mostly poor mobility, the packaging machine using compressed air as the driving force. Compressed air through 

the atomizer (air cushion) so that the material within the closed container airflow state, so as to achieve the role of conveying materials. Sealed

 with pneumatic rubber valve, through the control of the valve flow area, in order to achieve the control of the packaging material feeding, 

to achieve efficient and stable packaging accuracy and speed.


  • Advantage of Air-blowing valve packaging machine:

1. Weighing feedback automatic tracking, high precision, good stability. Packaging range can be adjusted through 

   the microcomputer head, stable and reliable;

2. Industrial parameters of storage can be freely adjusted, easy to control;

3. High speed of packing, stable precision;

4. Less wearing parts, maintenance workload is small, a substantial increase in service life;

5. The whole structure of the machine is rational, and it is very convenient to change the packing varieties;

6. Relying on air blowing, greatly reducing the damage rate of material during the packaging. 

Technical Parameter of Air Blowing Packaging Machine

Weighing form


Precision level


Weighing scope


Working temperature


Overall dimension(mm)


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