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Internal Wall Putty Mortar Production Line

The interior/internal wall putty mortar powder is a kind of surface filling material that pretreats the construction surface before the construction of the paint. The main purpose is to fill the pores of the construction surface and correct the curve deviation of the construction surface, so as to lay a good foundation for obtaining a uniform and smooth paint surface.

Wall putty mortar powder oily putty and water-based putty are used for paint and latex paint construction respectively. The commonly used putty powder means “water-based putty powder”.


Putty powder used for indoor and outdoor waterproofing of various architectural structures such as concrete, brick walls, concrete blocks, and prefabricated blocks, such as: roofs, tunnels, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, bathrooms, pools, swimming pools, domestic sewage pools etc.

Features of interior/ internal wall putty mortar powder:

1. Environmental protection is non-toxic and harmless.

2. High bond strength, firmly bonded to cement screed and tile special mortar.

3. Breathable performance is good.

4. The construction is open for a long time.

5 curing time is short, the coating curing time is about 6 to 8 hours.

6. Easy to use, just stir it on site.

7. The waterproof layer can prevent moisture, salt chloride penetration, and inhibit mold growth.

8. Suitable for long-term flooding occasions, with good weather resistance

How to produce the interior /interal wall putty mortar powder :

 1) use the manually feeding type simple dry mortar mixing line , more news please check the --; 

 2) use the automatic dry mortar mixing production line ,more news please check the--;



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