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color decorative mortar and exterior insulation

Color decorative mortar and exterior insulation

Ceramic tiles as one of the practices of exterior insulation systems have been widely used in practical engineering. Compared with coating methods, ceramic surfaces have many advantages: high impact strength, so it is particularly suitable for the foot of the wall, the first floor or building entrance Such areas vulnerable to collision; good anti-pollution properties, easy to scrub; low maintenance costs during use; can keep the outer wall clean; good durability. However, ceramic tile has always been a controversy as a exterior thermal insulation decorative layer.


1. Problems of exterior thermal insulation tiles : 

1) Vigorous shear force

Compared with the paint finish layer, the safety issue of the external wall insulation system of the ceramic tile as the finish layer is first of all self-respect.

The exterior wall insulation system with a coating as the exterior insulation system will generally not exceed 10kg/m2 (EPS board and protection, exterior decoration layer), while the exterior insulation system of the ceramic tile finish layer can reach 50kg/m2 or more. , even 80 kg/m2, 5-8 times that of the coating system!

2) Poor air permeability

Compared with the exterior insulation system of the coating surface, the water vapor resistance of the glazed tile is very large. The condensed water on the back of the tile formed by the high water vapor resistance in the northern region makes this system more likely to suffer freeze-thaw damage than the external wall insulation system of the painted surface. In the south, the internal wall of the wall is excessively watery, and indoor walls are prone to mold.

3) The steel mesh is highly corrosive

Impervious glazed tiles prevent the material from drying out. The alkali of tile adhesives and trowels (cement based) combine with moisture accumulated for a long period of time. The damage to the steel mesh is also severe. The steel mesh is damp. Corrosion in the environment and loss of enhancement.


2. Advantages of Colored Decorative Mortar for Exterior Insulation tiles System:

The color decorative mortar has the characteristics of rich organic materials, light colors, and the durability of inorganic materials. 

The main features of the color facing mortar are as follows:

1) Breathable, hydrophobic effect is good

2) Good durability

3) Green and pollution-free

4) Elastic structure can effectively prevent wall cracking

5) Improve the service life of buildings and have significant social benefits


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