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Ⅰ. Application of Different Dry Mortar

First, masonry mortar: mortar for masonry brick, stone and other blocks

1) masonry mortar product advantages:

a. Excellent workability and bonding ability

b. It has excellent water retention, which makes the mortar more dense under better conditions, and can ensure the effective adhesion of the mortar on the dry block base surface.

c. Has the characteristics of plastic shrinkage and low shrinkage rate to ensure maximum dimensional stability of the wall

d, the mechanical properties of cement with rigid and tough after gelation


Second, plaster mortar: smear on the surface of buildings or building components mortar

2) plaster mortar advantages:

a, can withstand a series of external effects

b. It has sufficient water resistance and can be used in bathroom and other damp rooms.

c. Reduce the number of plaster layers and improve work efficiency

d. Good workability makes the construction of the base surface smooth and uniform

eGood anti-sag performance, low viscosity of plastering tools, easy construction

f. The mortar has good water retention properties and does not crack after hardening

g, has good water vapor permeability

h, better crack resistance, impermeability

Third, tile adhesives: used to paste ceramic tiles, polished tiles and granite like natural stone

3) tile adhesive mortar advantages:

a. Advanced construction, anti-sagging, and greatly improved construction quality and efficiency

b, saving material consumption, can achieve thin layer bonding

c, strong adhesion, reduce stratification and peeling, avoid emptying, cracking

d, simple and convenient, easy to control the quality

e. Protect the environment without toxic additives


Fourth, insulation mortar: polystyrene particles with cellulose, rubber powder, fiber and other additives with thermal insulation properties of the mortar

4) insulation mortar advantages:

a, add water to use, convenient construction

b, high bond strength, not easy to empty, fall off

c. Stable physical and mechanical properties, low shrinkage, prevention of shrinkage cracking or cracking

d. Can be applied on the wet base

e, dry hardening block, short construction period

f, green, excellent heat insulation

g, low density, lighter weight, better for structural design

Fifth, insulation board supporting mortar: thermal insulation board adhesive and protective mortar

5) adhesive mortar and protective mortar advantages:

a, good adhesion to substrate and polystyrene plate

b, have sufficient degeneration ability (flexibility) and good impact resistance

c, the surface can choose a variety of decorative decorative materials

d, its own light weight, low requirements on the wall, can be used directly on the concrete and brick walls

e. Non-toxic and save a lot of energy

f, excellent adhesion and surface strength, thin coating both adequate protection capabilities, with enhanced mesh, shock shock resistance

g, low shrinkage, no cracking, no shelling, long-term weatherability and stability

h, add water and use it to avoid the randomness of the mixing mortar on site, and the quality is stable

i. Good water retention and homogeneity, good workability

j, alkali resistance, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance

k, fast drying, early strength, high construction efficiency

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