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AASTHO standard formula of thermoplastic coating

For ASSHTO standard, there are so many different series of the thermoplastic coating , and each series have more items.

So for the thermoplastic coating formula ratio, we suggest you could consult your local relevant department to confirm

required conditions and standard,and they will supply for ratio specification to you.

Any formula for dry mortar and thermoplastic coating paint or hot melt coating paint we supplied, just only for

your reference and not 100% suitable for everyone .After all ,we are the professional one to produce the

equipment machinery ,that used to mix production paint .Please understand us well and thank you.

AASHTO M249-98 standard ratio of thermoplastic coating for reference


Raw material


binder content



 glass bead content


Titanium dioxide pigment content

(assuming 92%)


 Inert filler


Colour reflectance (@4hrs)

Y-75% minimum

Match FC standard  (@4hrs)


YI-0.12% maximum

Water absorption

0.5% maximum

 Specific gravity

2.15% maximum

Bond strength

1.24MPA minimum

Low temp cracking resistance

Show no crack

Softening point


Flowability (4hrs)

18% retained maximum

Extended flowability (6hrs)

28% retained maximum

Flash point


Drying time

2minutes  (@50)

10minutes  (@90)

If you need to know more details of the thermoplastic coat painting production line ,please tell us your project

conditions and your idea , the customized solution will offered to you with the better service.

Thank you so much for your time to view our content.

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